The family history for
Glenn and Mary (Price)Smith

On these pages you will find out something about us, and our family history. 


You are invited to explore the past through the lives of our ancestors, this walk through time will be done through photos, historical rocords of many kinds, journal entries and even a few items I found out about my ancestors while playing around on the internet. So please, come on in and explore and enjoy!

There are many historical document scans on the site and as time goeso on more will be added (hopefully anyway).

Photo albums will be going online as I get the photos labeled and assembled for thier pages. I have been blessed with 150 years of photos, one line I have photos for 8 generations!

If while you are exploring, you find a connection, or even if you've simply enjoyed the website, then please feel free to drop us a line..... Email Us


Some parts of this information were compiled early in my genealogy journey so please double check for errors where there is not documentation


updated Sept 2010