1938 Locey Family History


A history of the Locey linage

This Family History was publishing in 1938 by Alexander Crippen Locey, who at that time was president of San Francisco State College.

The following pages are scans of a family history originally compiled by Alexander Crippen Roberts with the help of a group of his cousins in 1938. This document is 83 pages in length. I have prefaced the history itself with copies of the correspondence from Alexander Roberts to my gGrandfather Herbert Miles. I honestly cannot fathom the amount of work that must have gone into this, no computers, no email, or internet... all by hand the long way. All I can say is I appreciate the work.

This history is not just a cataloging of names, but it has a lot of nuggets about the people in it that make them more than just a name on a page.

Upon his sending out of an original number of 150 copies of this project he challenged, all those to whom he sent it, to keep it current. So now I am doing my part, close to 70 years later, to help with that. Please, if you are a member of this family contact me, I love to 'meet' new cousins and I would like to update the family history for the next generation.

This file may be printed out but, please as you go through it, remember there was no spellcheck, and no white out. There are typos. I have not changed anything in this electronic copy of the history. Also none of the supposition about the first generation- Daniel and Phoebe Locey and the tie to Scotland and a shipwreck has ever been proven to the best of my knowledge.

This is primarily the Family history of the descendants of Daniel Locey and Hester (Esther) Taylor, parents of 12 children. I descend from their youngest child Mary Cornelia Locey and her husband Jesse Miles Jr.

Enjoy and God Bless,