Military Service

   I am proud to say as a U.S. Citizen that our family military history traces back to the Revolutionary War.

Our families in the U.S. Military

Our Military Heritage goes back as far as the Revolutionary War, with members of our direct line represented in almost every conflict since then.

  • Revolution - James Christie; Rueben Hall; Roswell Caulkins
  • War of 1812 - Jesse Miles Sr
  • Civil War - Jesse Miles Jr; Horton Locey Miles; Albert Kubias; John Webb
  • WW1 - Bryan Miles; Leland Smith
  • WW2 - Charles Price and his brother Bruce Price
  • Korea - Glenn Smith Sr
  • Viet Nam - Uncles Calvin, Harold and Arthur Harris
  • Operation Enduring Freedom - Jeremiah Smith and cousins Michael Burdge and James Burdge

Photos of most of these men are on our military slide show at the bottom of the page.

Military Documents- (some require acrobat viewer)

Some photos of relatives who served or are serving in our military.