Dad's Poetic Military Tribute to WW2 Servicemen -

These 2 poems were written by my dad, Sam Price, during his brother's and his time in the US Army ca. WW2

Of Something Near Our Hearts

Written when he was in the Military; May 1945 - 1947

At last the war is over
The Victory Has been won
The Japs have been defeated
Beneath their rising sun

The Japs are Oh!
So sorry They just can't seem to see
Why they were defeated
And robbed of Victory

They thought that they were mighty
The mightiest of all
But now they know that their “Great Strength”
Was really Rather Small

They found that Uncle Sam was strong
Much stronger than they dreamed
They found his strength kept growing
There was no end it seemed

The army grew much larger
The navy grew in size
The Japs could not surrender
Nor could they criticize

The war lords said surrender
Said Tojo “Carry on”
Until at last we struck them
With our Atomic Bomb

At last they would talk turkey
They knew that they had lost
They knew that they must call it quits
No matter what the cos

Now that the war is over
And Bullets cease to fly
The only boys who will go home
Are those who did not die

So here's a token to those boy
s Who live and breathe no more
Who gave their lives for you and me
And those they did adore

God Bless them one,
God Bless them all
And may they always rest
We''ll prove their death was not in vain
We'll always do our best


I Guess I'll Join the Service –
Dedicated to Dad's Brother Lt. Bruce Price

I guess I'll join the service;
And fight for Uncle Sam ~
To help rid this good old earth;
Of every axis ham

I first thought of the infantry;
But then I change my mind ~
I next thought of the tank corps;
But they left me behind

I tried next for artillery;
But I was out of luck ~
So to the good old Cavalry;
Is where I finally stuck

Now I don't mind this life at all;
In fact it's lots of fun ~
To ride out in the open;
From dawn to setting sun

The Officers in camp are fine;
I really find them swell ~
One even helped me up one day;
When off my horse I fell

I hope I soon will go across;
To fight in foreign lands ~
Down in the Tropics maybe;
Or on the dessert sands

They really have us guessing now;
As to which way we'll go ~
Maybe it's to Tropics;
Or to Alaska's snow

If I go to the tropics;
I'll fight some yellow dogs ~
Who think that they are mighty;
Those dirty yellow hogs

If I am shipped to colder lands;
I hope I get to fight ~
Those worthless yellow dogs;
And that will be alright<

Now down there in North Africa;
Is where I want to go ~
For there they fight the Germans;
In dust and sand not snow

Well now I'm on my way across;
To where great deserts are ~
I'm going to old North Africa;
That land which is afar

It isn't going to take long now;
As we are almost there ~
To keep a date for Uncle Sam;
The enemy will swear

Now in the barges close to shore;
We are about to land ~
I see the breakers on the surf,
I see the diamond sand

All of us now well leave this barge;
And make our way inland ~
Our barges now are far behind;
Ahead the desert sand

We see some Germans far ahead;
Outside the range of guns ~
But now we've gotten close in range;
and now we'll git some buns

I've got my sites adjusted now;
And I will take my time ~
I've got a German in my site;
His life not worth a dime

I pulled the trigger of the gun;
I did not hesitate ~
For I was hoping that I'd send;
Another German to his fate

I used to think I'd be afraid;
To shoot a human being ~
But that the German's are not human;
Is on thing that I am seeing

I hoped I soon may fight the German's;
On their own home soil ~
And when the time has come around;
I bet the German's blood will boil

And I will tell you that it should;
For when we get them there ~
We'll have a great and sweet revenge;
For on them pressure we will bear

We'll bear that pressure till it hurts;
We'll keep on with that fighting ~
Until they've had enough;
And they are through back biting

We'll win a victory fair and square;
And keep our honest ways ~
Although the going will be tough;
It will last many days

Now we were given freedom fair;
So why should we not fight ~
For that is what our ancestors;
Passed down to us as right

We know it is worth fighting for;
And fight for it we must ~
If we have hope of stopping;
The German's bloody lust

I guess that tells the story;
Of just the way I feel ~
And I will tell you all I say;
Is really very real

And so until the world is free;
And all the axis licked ~
We cannot hope for luxuries;
And fancy things we've picked

The folks at home will sacrifice;
And give up Sunday drives ~
Until a lasting peace is won;
And our army ceases it's loss of lives

The dove of peace will fly once more;
Across our mighty land ~
And down across North Africa;
Across its desert sand

Twill fly across the Russian front;
Where the Germans have been licked ~
And down across the Soloman's;
From which the Japs we kicked

And if the Lord will grant us peace;
We'll put away our arms ~
I'll never take one up again;
For I'll work on the farm